Why Kim?

What makes me different than other mediators? I think it is a combination of compassion, financial savvy, and a deep commitment to mediation.   Good divorce mediators need IQ and EQ – as well as a breadth of skills, knowledge and experience – to be truly effective.

  • I appreciate how difficult the divorce process can be – I’m divorced myself – but I also bring optimism to the process because I have seen people survive and flourish after the challenges of divorce.
  • My financial knowledge is increasingly important as I work with divorcing couples since so many of the difficult decisions in a divorce revolve around money.   I am good at helping people get comfortable with understanding the myriad of financial options, even if they are not “numbers people.”
  • I am deeply committed to the practice of family mediation. First, mediation is what I do full time – it is my primary focus, not just a small piece of my career portfolio. Second, I have trained extensively and continue to stay current on developments in family law, divorce financial planning and mediation.

In the end, you want a skilled mediator – but you also want a mediator who seems like a good fit. I encourage you to call me to see if we – you, your spouse, and I – would find a comfortable and productive working relationship.


Please call me at 617.581.0747 if you would like to explore whether mediation is right for you.

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