If you and your partner are one of the lucky couples who have maintained a friendly and positive working relationship, and can communicate effectively, then mediation will help you maintain these assets and minimize the emotional baggage from your divorce.

If communication has broken down (as it does for most divorcing couples), mediation can get you both back on track. Mediation can create a safer and more productive environment for each partner to feel heard, thus creating a more productive conversation, Mediation is not therapy, but a skilled and neutral mediator can help you deal constructively with the emotions and stresses of separation and divorce.

While mediation has many advantages, there are some cases where it is not appropriate. If you do not feel safe with your partner, mediation (in most cases) will not provide the safeguards you want or need. If your partner has serious substance abuse or mental health issues, it may be difficult to mediate a meaningful agreement. If you fear your partner may take or dispose of assets, you may need to hire an attorney immediately.

To find out if mediation is the right path, I can talk with you about your concerns, issues, and priorities. This initial conversation is always free of charge,and provides a productive opportunity to see where and how you move forward with your divorce.


Please call me at 617.581.0747 if you would like to explore whether mediation is right for you.

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